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I am not sure they are that big - according to local newspapers, the whole crew is 33 employees incl. administrations.

One BIG downside is, that they are fully depending on Agfa - last fall when Ilford and Forte failed to satisfy the market, demand on Agfa stuff rose and they prefered to deliver themselves and Tura was out-of-stock on bw materials for months!

Plus, in recent years Agfa went into the private-label system on their own, installing confectioning plants in the US (and elsewhere) to satisfy the needs of the *marts on the North American continent.
Interesting stuff!

I see Tura as being very much like Nike, a small company with no manufacturing plant but huge sales worldwide. This is supposedly the model of the future for many businesses.

I have an interest in Tura carrying on because I use both their B&W and colour roll papers. So far I haven't had any problems with supply. I was told by my supplier that they also repackage Ilford paper and film. I suspect they use anything they can get their hands on.