Hi Jeff! Thanks! I LOVE that old Brownie! Thanks to Matt up there in the comments, he tossed me a great link so that I can mod her to take film more easily. *does happy dance*

Today, I took out my mom's little Brownie Holiday that she let me borrow. Now I just have to order a larger canister to develop the film and I *think* I've figured out a way to scan the negatives since my scanner doesn't accept anything other than 35mm. (I'm thinking light box and then using my digital to take a photo of the negative.)

I think for the larger format stuff will just be a box...a big box.

Oh, I also have a serious addiction to buying old cameras just to see if they work. Right now, I'm trying to find someone willing to fix my 35mm Kowa because it has some totally hot 'n sexy glass on it.