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I cut down an 8x10 sheet of Ilford multigrade rc paper and used a bit of tape to hold it in the camera (until I can figure out something for a film holder - or figure out how to get 120 film in there as 127 is too small - as I have a couple of rolls of THAT for yet ANOTHER Brownie ).


hi susan

i have a brownie that take 116 film as well.
you can easily tape some paper in the camera instead of film
or if you can find a 2nd spool, you can roll paper onto the spools instead.
i am currently doing that with a 3a, and it is easy .. just use masking tape

rate your paper at around 6 or 12 ..
my brownie has 3 "fstops" .. i haven't figured out what they are ( maybe 8. 11, 16? ) but expose your paper at around 1 second wide open for starters to get an idea

have fun!