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Shooting handheld it isn't really practical to "loupe" the ground glass---one hand to hold the camera, one hand to hold the loupe, one hand to focus (we're up the three hands!) For handheld, use the "sports finder" the metal "window" that pulls up from the front standard and the rear peep sight that swings up from the back---or use the rangefinder. www.graflex.org can give your the details. If you get a tripod (which will allow you more control) Speede Graphics don't require huge tripods---anything that can support a medium format will likely suppport a Graphic. Old Tiltalls do a nice job for not a lot of money.
I am not willing to handhold large formats at all even it can be done, and while i was there in NYC i saw some handholding the Graphic, i may handhold it later when i can master how to use it and i have a way to focus without problems.

I have a tripod but i don't know why i don't see many large format shooters using it, is it because it is not good enough or because of the price i don't know, but this tripod i have is measured to take 25kg [55lbs], so is that not enough for some large formats? and the bullhead i have with it can handle load up to 23kg [50lbs], what else i need?

I bought another large format, i think i will wait that one as it has more movements and it is NEW and have better lens and maybe it will see the lights more than my Graphics cameras, later i will try one of the Graphics as i don't want to test with used old camera and not sure if it needs repair or adjust or whatever, i better test large format with new one.