Has anyone here tried making books from wet prints? Bookbinding is pretty cheap (about $15 for A4 hardcover & sewn spine when I had my thesis done; more for leather covers) so it occurs to me that books made from thin FB prints, perhaps interleaved with tissue, could make pretty spectacular coffee-table books and/or limited-edition fine-art artefacts.

I'm not sure what paper to use though, have never seen double-sided (I assume light bleed-through in the enlarger would make that impossible) and most of the FB paper I've seen is pretty heavy stuff. Does anyone know of any particularly light papers, i.e. about 100gsm? Or should I be resigned to my book being an inch thick?

There is blurb for those who want to do the hybrid thing and their prices are great but the quality is nowhere near the league you can get with good wet prints.