My Group 1 prints arrived a day or two ago but I was interstate on busines and have only just had a chance to look at them. Some preliminary comments follow:

Overall: Again, a fine selection of work. True, there are some that I like more than others, but there's not one print that I think is "bad" or sub-standard. My thanks to all contributors.

Some comments on individual prints:

SM Booth - Trentham Falls: Lovely shot, Shane. Until I read your notes I hadn't twigged that this was a pinhole shot! (Yes, my wife also reckons I'm blind). But that explains the attractive "softness" around the corners. I like the composition with the foreground leading my eye into the main falls. A 4min exposure on Fomapan must mean you were deep into reciprocity failure territory. Do you recall what the metered exposure was?

Wyno - Lyndsey: Lovely, tasteful nude. Nicely printed given the level of burning you've indicated. Was it really all on the RHS as you've indicated or some LHS burning as well?

munz6869 - Not the tourist bit - Vienna, Austria: Another nice crisp architectural study. I'm beginning to detect a theme here, Marc! Interesting contrast between the tall, light toned building on the LHS and the squat dark-toned building on the RHS. Also interesting to see that Rodinal is 3 from 3 as developer of choice so far this round! (And I empathise with your comments about dust).

Kevin Caulfield - Funny Face: Lovely casual portrait that it will be fun to pull out at the appropriate time in the future (first date, wedding etc). Clearly you had to drug the poor wee bairn to get a sharp shot at 1/15th second - and that may also explain the pupils. You can probably expect a call from DOCS soon... :-)

Nige - Companions: Dont really know what to say about this one. The physical proximity of the couple suggests shared lives/experiences/friendship.

Fleath - Thomas, 2007: Alex, nothing at all offensive about this. Despite your misgivings, I quite like it. We can be our own harshest critic - though that's not necessarily a bad thing if it means we continually strive to improve.

Fleath - Ground #3: This one, I really do like! Truly the silver lining to the cloud of delay! One of my personal "picks of the round". Thanks for sharing.

Chris Neilsen - Railway: Nice moody shot. I like the combination of extremely limited depth of field and lots of grain - and great to see that at least one person from across the ditch accepted the invitation to participate.

Hoffy - All The Boys And Girls Have Gone To Bed: My immediate thought was: "Toy Story 3 - the Even Darker Side". Further to your comments, I think the picture needs the patch of tiles - they balance the composition, and help add a bit of context. I keep wondering: what happened next?

Tomalophicon - Their First Match: Evoked strong memories of Saturday mornings at the park watching my lad play cricket as he grew up. Thanks.

Seabird - Trees: Not much to say about this one.

Unknown - Untitled Postcard of stone passageway: Another favourite. The warm image colour complements the subject matter.

Well, they took a while to arrive, but the results were worth the wait. Again, thank you to all in Group 1.

Carey Bird