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hi susan

i have a brownie that take 116 film as well.
you can easily tape some paper in the camera instead of film
or if you can find a 2nd spool, you can roll paper onto the spools instead.
i am currently doing that with a 3a, and it is easy .. just use masking tape

rate your paper at around 6 or 12 ..
my brownie has 3 "fstops" .. i haven't figured out what they are ( maybe 8. 11, 16? ) but expose your paper at around 1 second wide open for starters to get an idea

have fun!
Hiya John! I've been thinking about that whole issue of using the paper in lieu of film. I asked my husband to take one of our dowel rods (from a Titanic project of one of my son's for school art class) and cut it down to size then just drill holes in the ends so I can use it instead of an extra spool! My husband doubts that the idea will work but I also suffer from extreme clumsiness so I'm not allowed near the power tools or anything sharp.

My question is (because I KNOW it can be done) is how to keep the paper from curling too badly. I have two small Rubbermaid trays that will fit up to a 5x7.

As for my camera, I found a manual for the Model 2 and Model 2A online. Mine has two metal slides on the top of it which control how much light is let into the camera. I've read it a couple of times...and need to redownload it as we have had some computer issues and lost some information...like the manual. *sigh* I think this was made around 1904-ish, from what I can find online. She's lovely though.