I *really* am kicking myself for not getting that old '30s bellows Kodak - the smaller one that I saw. *sigh
Don't feel too bad about it, while most old Kodak's use oddball film sizes, while a lot of the other brand camera's use 120 film which for now at least is still readily available
the site says that it's "not for use" as it's too valuble
That's a matter of personal opinion, camera's are made to take pictures not sit on a shelf.(although some of us do keep them proudly displayed on shelves )Unless its so fragile that its at risk of falling apart there is no reason not to use it with proper care and upkeep. That line makes it sound to me like said camera has some sort of problems.
Other folks may disagree but that's the way I see it. I'll keep using my old camera's as long as I can get film for them.