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The only draw back to your tripod I can think of is that it might be too large to comfortably transport,especially since your Graphic cameras really aren't very heavy. If your new LF camera is something llike an 8x10, 11x14 or ULF then you'll need the extra muscle of a robust tripod, but for 4x5, lighter is more mobile.
I will buy 8x10 later maybe next year, now i should be happy and start to use 4x5 at least, last year started with MF, so this year will start with LF, and hope to get a decent enlarger to do prints as well, and about the weight it is not a big deal, even it is painful but i got used to handhold 3-6kgs, my Canon with long Telephoto can be in same weight of 8x10 LF camera anyway, and from different websites i read that those LF cameras range between 1.5-6kg, i carry a bag on my shoulder with 10+KG gear.