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I *really* am kicking myself for not getting that old '30s bellows Kodak - the smaller one that I saw. *sigh*
Folding Kodaks are a pretty variable lot and US$30 may well have been too much. A lot of them have really primitive lenses and shutters---Kodak were largely in the business of selling "everyman" cameras, which by modern standards have, um, limited capabilities. And as someone else pointed out, many of them use extinct film.

IMHO, similar amounts of money are better spent on something like a Nettar, a more modern camera with bulletproof architecture. There are periodic threads here on affordable folders, and there are a lot of us around who are a little bit mad for them. Personally, I've had very good luck bottom-feeding on eBay for dirt-cheap cameras; I've gotten a pretty even split between the three categories "wow!", "OK", and "paperweight", and at US$10-20 per camera that's quite decent.

($135 for a working Ikonta might or might not be a reasonable price, depending on the condition and the lens and so on. There are a lot of them out there, though, so don't feel like any particular example is "now or never".)