Hi All,

As many of you know we have had ongoing plans to migrate Hybridphoto.com to DPUG.ORG. This is a joint venture between myself and JD Callow (long time hybridphoto admin and APUG moderator). The Hybridphoto site software was in serious neglect, and with no resource to support such an extremely niche community, we decided to expand the scope and convert it to DPUG. This now allows us to expand the userbase and generate enough revenue to support the community. New revenue may also lead to improvements between both APUG & DPUG since both systems share similar codes.

What does this mean for APUG?

APUG will remain as it always has. APUG growth is breaking records the last 2 months so do not mistake DPUG as some sort of fall back plan. APUG is experiencing more traffic now than anytime in it's near 10yr history.

Long term?

I am hopeful that a strong APUG & DPUG can promote to the photo world that two distinct forms of photography exist, intermingle and are here to stay. This is my ultimate vision, so time will tell whether I have lost my marbles or not. The alternative is that the wider photographic community continues to consider Digital as the replacement for Analog, and this is not a good thing.. it is depressing in fact.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to post or contact me.