I was looking around searching for infos and I stepped in your community and I was not able to resist...
I have a problem with my Polaroid 110a converted to pack films.
It is a couple of years I own it, I purchased it second hand in Europe, and I think it is a german conversion (or something like this).
The bellow is never been in perfect condition, but now it is unfixable.
I cannot paint it with black liquitex acrylic or sylicone or tape or I do not know, it is broken, cut, dust, ash...
I have to replace it. I thought that a good idea should be to buy a new used one (ebay) and then replace it. Do you know how to do it?
There are rivets that bond the bellow to the lensboard and rivets that bond bellow and back. And when I see rivets I have to ask for help...
Thank you
Best Regards

I posted this also at photo.net, hope this not break any rule.