I'm wondering if someone here remembers anything about this film?

"Ferrania Dia 28" ASA 50 1967 expiration date.

I recently got hold of some as part of an expired film deal on eBay. I've recently had some success in processing freshly exposed 1960s Ektachrome (E-2 process) in cold C-41 chemicals to get an acceptable image (well very magenta and grainy, but interesting!)

I'm hoping to try the same with this, but i'm unsure as to whether it is a 'normal' transparancy process like E-2/E-3/E-4/Agfachrome, or a non-substantive process like Kodachrome.

If it's the latter I'll put it through HC-110 to get B&W, but if not, I'll try and eke some sort of colour out of it.

Any ideas?