I travel with the Mamiya 6, 3 lenses (50,75, 150) a handful of filters, light meter, cable release, and film for the day's shooting. The tripod is added at night. I will travel with about 50-75 rolls of film per week, but generally only have 10-15 rolls on me at any time. The gear is carried in a modified sling bag. I have often brought my 4x5, grafmatics, light meter and 2 lenses (58 and 75), but I have yet to work out an efficient way to carry this gear.

I recently aquired a Pacemaker Speed press camera. If I can work out some details (appropriately wide lens with rangefinder coupling being the main issue) it will come with me on future trips.

I may retire the Mamiya 6 for a 7 and the 43mm or possibly augment it with a panoramic 120 (or even the Xpan). For me rangefinders are the way to travel, but I am ambivalent about some of the sacrifices (not in the way they operate, but lens selection and price).

Well I'm in the weeds now so I will stop.