What I carry depends on where I'm going, how long I'll be there, and what I anticipate photographing. My entire large format outfit goes in a shoulder bagk originally made (I think) for a laptop computer -- two 9x12 cm plate cameras, 13 plate holders, boxes of film, tubes for storing exposed film (in case of field reloads), changing bag, black t-shirt dark cloth, light meter, cable releases, tripod shims (tripod screw is too long and bottoms in the socket). I can hang the tripod from the bag flap if necessary, but it's awkward that way; the tripod has a strap, too, so I usually carry it separately..

Medium format is a bunch of loose stuff (folders and TLR); though I have a ballistic nylon "athletic bag" that will carry it all, I don't normally want to pack that much so I carry individual cameras. Maybe I should switch back to the big bag; it also holds format masks in a box, extra film, my lightweight tripod(s), etc.

For 35 mm, I have only one working SLR body; it and all the lenses I own that aren't duplicates will fit in a small semi-hard case. My half frame is down for repairs, and my pre-War 35 mm folder has a badly worn frame spacing system that needs attention.

And, of course, I can carry my Minolta 16 II and two or three spare film cassettes any time I have a pocket...