...I agree with almost everything said by Thomas.

I personally give away my prints that I'm not 100% satisfied with to my friends, even though they can't tell the difference between my "perfect" print and the one I gave them. Your integrity of a photographer and printer is on the line when you put "half-assed" prints for sale or on display. That is something I wouldn't want to do, but others might disagree. It's all subjective anyhow. I've seen photographs on display for sale with big chunks of dust and hair in them. When I talked to the photographer, he didn't know what "spotting" was, so he just didn't know better. The more knowledge you have and the longer you analyze and discriminate your prints, the better they will be. However, it might also drive you crazy like it does for me because every time I look at my final prints, even if I think they're perfect, I might have a different preference or interpretation that day and want to change it....again.

If you don't have access to a darkroom, you won't be able to make hand prints and therefore everything you have will be a hybrid process, assuming you are shooting film, scanning the negatives and then editing and sending the file out. This means you are giving up a certain amount of control to the person you are sending the file to, the process they use, the paper, ink, etc. etc. but that doesn't mean you can't have satisfactory prints. Many pro photographers have assistants and printers who do the final product, but usually under very close surveillance and scrutiny so they can have as much control as possible without spending all their time in a darkroom.

In short, your question is very hard to answer on a forum. Take your work to a pro and pay them to do a "portfolio review" and comment on the "quality of your prints" and give you some pointers. they will help you look at different aspects of the print and you can then determine what "acceptable quality" is for yourself. I couldn't comment on the quality of your prints without seeing them in person. Even posting the digital image on here would do very little in that regard.