If you sell prints, your name, reputation, value as an artist, and everything else is tied to every print you produce. Sure, general public who pays 10 dollars for a print may not know or even care about nuances in printing but those who look and say "nah...." and walk away will know and he or she will have friends who will ask for his/her opinion. In other words, people who are willing to pay the kind of money you would be very happy to receive do know and care.

I don't know how and in what environment you intend to sell your prints but I would only consider my very best for anything public facing.

If you are not talking about darkroom prints, you are talking about inkjet prints. That's off-topic on this site. There are certainly market for every kind of prints but I would really like to encourage you to start printing the "old fashion way." You *should* have art schools, high schools, colleges, etc, etc, etc, with a darkroom you could perhaps rent by the hour. Rightfully or wrongly, collectors place much higher value in silver gelatin prints (the traditional darkroom prints).