You don't need running water for a darkroom, though it is easier with that. You should be able to find a book or two on various darkroom set ups. Heck, I have one I will send you for the cost of shipping if you want it. It's more of an idea book, but it might help you. I ran hoses through a wall I built between the laundry room and what is now my darkroom, made a sink and tied its drain to the main drain the washer is hooked up to. I love printing in the darkroom - it has its ups and downs, but I have learned much by doing my own work. Some old photos that I thought were terrible, turned out to be just "commercial" printing - once I printed some of these at home, I found they were better than I originally thought they were when I picked them up from the store years ago.

Another thing I did, is start to take classes. I have been in and around photography, mostly b&w, most of my life. But I never took any photo classes. I'm in an associate of fine arts - photography program now at a community college, which is heavy in the develop/print your own b&w and color (for printing, not developing color at school). It's been great for me because it has pulled together a lot of little bits that were floating around in my mind. It made me do the work to pull it all together to make sense of things I had read, or tried but wasn't able to do. As a student, I am (partially) paying the teacher to teach me - so if I don't understand something, I ask them about it until I do understand it. Sometimes that means to trust what they say, do what they tell you, and then see the difference for your self - but it works.

Good luck.