Yes, here at work we just time estimated a big design job for 16km of freeway widening including about 8 bridge replacements.

Work for me is at a 1500 person plus multi-disciplinary consulting engineering firm with some subconsultants hired in as specific niche expertise is required.

We applied our standard markup factor, which is 3x our team salaries for our executive team review.
This markup rate is aimed to cover insurances, salaries and benefits, office and leasehold gear payments, equipment supplies, internal overheads of support functions like accounting, HR, IT, internal Project Management, etc.

Senior executives cut the markup to 2.7x (still profitable) in a bid to secure the job. Our bid proposal (which is evaluated and scored on qualifications 50%, past ratings with the client agency 40%, and our fees 10% has been accepted.

So now 130 full time person years of design work to the usual full qualtity assurance and quality control requirements needs to get done and issued for construction bids in the next three years.

Fortunately I just have a team of 5 to manage and liaise with only three other departments groups most of the time. Oh, and 10 other work assignments presently in various stages of completion, as well as two proposals for smaller jobs for existing clients I still need to finish and submit.

So when you grouse about the challenges of freelance, rememeber the corporate alternative. It pays, but there is not a lot of artisitc creativity in my day job.