I have been using Fuji B&W products in both 35mm and 120, trending towards more 120 than 35mm now. Of course Neopan 400 has disappeared in 120 in the last year and I am looking for alternatives. Currently trying Kodak products but I am concerned about the long term viability of Kodak as a film manufacturer. Would like to try some of the European brands if available. I have also been getting reasonable results with Shanghai GP3, but the thick black backing paper means that I have to be careful which camera I use it in: only where the film feeds in the direction of the natural curl of the paper, e.g. TLRs OK, but not removable back SLRs, and the faint frame numbers mean no red-window cameras.

If your prices are better than the alternative then I will buy. The catch is that I buy most of my film from Freestyle in bulk orders two or three times a year and they are going to be pretty hard to beat. What I do buy locally all the time is chemicals. If you are able to stock and ship chemicals on better terms than Vanbar then I will buy those from you all the time - but my amateur usage is not big quantity. I have been using mostly Ilford chemicals, and also Rodinal under whatever name it is currently being marketed under. I am open to substitute brands, but I do prefer liquid concentrates: no mixing powder chemicals.