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That's a great image. And I like your camera, especially the worn, rugged look of the plywood. I'm assuming your camera's a one-shot affair, where you load paper or film one sheet at a time?

Yeah, unfortunately a one shot affair. Ends up being a bummer because if I want to take (lug) the camera anywhere, I only have one shot and then I'm done. The photo that I posted was taken at my school and that building is actually the building the darkroom is in. I'm getting tired of shooting at school though.

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That's a fantastic image and I love the camera. That knot in the "lens board" just adds all sorts of personality to the box. Congratulations. Do more of those in different focal lengths.
Thanks! I specifically chose that piece of plywood for the front because it had the knot in it, I like the character it adds. I'll definitely make some more with different focal lengths.

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My 5x7 pinhole camera is foam core with a plywood bottom. There's a tripod socket in the plywood and the weight of the wood helps keep it stable while the rest, being foam core, makes the whole thing very light. I screwed an old kitchen cabinet handle to one end of the plywood and it's darn near perfect!
Hmm, multiple materials - that's a great idea. I might just have to try that out for my next one. Thanks for the suggestion.