Hello folks, I'm interested in the possibility of working with 11x14 format, a step up from the 8x10 Sinar P that I'm now using. As always, cost is a factor. But I've run across an 11x14 back and bellows intended to work with a Sinar P system standard bearer. It appears to have the letters "MC" on the back frame. The seller tells me the bellows has about 45" of extension and the ability to work in both horizontal and vertical formats, though the bellows does not disconnect from the back. It has a bail back for inserting film holders. Is anyone familiar with what this is? More importantly, is this something with which I would be satisfied after having worked with a Sinar 4x5 F series and an 8x10 Sinar P? If it is of any importance, I tend to work with long lenses. Thanks