I have an old analogue Gossen Luna-Pro F and just got a new Gossen DigiPro F yesterday. I am trying to learn how to use the meter effectively so please try to understand the question.

I set out taking reading in different places comparing the reading in the "Incident" mode.
The two meters surprisingly give the same readings. I also used My Nikon F4, F100 Bronica ETRS and my NIkon D300 to compare the reading with the meters. I would then take the shot with the digital for instant feedback and see if ti was correctly exposed.

When I set the DigiPro F to f/5.6 and take a reading the meter shows the f/stop in 1/10 of a stop so the reading would be f/5.6 and the a small number showing the tenths over f/5.6.
Is there a way to Make the meter read exactly f/5.6 without showing the tents of a stop?
The problem is when the DigiPro-F reads 5.6 plus 6/10s of a stop, for example, it produces a shot that is overexposed. If I change the meters aperture setting it give a reading of f/4 and 6/10s and also changes the shutter speed...

I hope this question makes sense????