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One BIG downside is, that they are fully depending on Agfa - last fall when Ilford and Forte failed to satisfy the market, demand on Agfa stuff rose and they prefered to deliver themselves and Tura was out-of-stock on bw materials for months!
This was a "self-made" problem. Ilford was prepared to deliver. Agfa was prepared to deliver. Nobody to my knowledge starved Tura. They seemed to be on a crash diet. Out of cash or out of credit? Tura, so the grapevine, only purchased a jumbo after they had committed orders and, of course, had no more to meet additional demand. Tura's move to request protection from their creditors has clearly been brewing for some time and I suspect the lawyer choosen to head the company elected, following legal and not business instinct, to forgo business than be open to the threat of jail---- in Germany continuing to order products beyond the point where it can proved one could pay for them is a criminal offense of fraud. German jails are filled with failed businessmen and real estate speculators. In Germany, afterall, money and capital is sacred and life is cheap :-)