The uncoated lens will not produce any streaks or noticable patterns of any kind. It will only produce an overall loss of contrast or wash of non-image light. Unless a bright light is in or near the field of the lens and then you will have the familiar "aperture" pattern.
I think that Jorge is right on the money when using the D-76. But with ABC you probably want a nearly continuous agitation and I use more volumn with ABC than I did with other developers. When I rock the tray with more than one sheet I stick my gloved fingers next to the film to hold it in place, but I don't keep them in the same place all the time. I am moving away from trying to process more than one sheet at a time and am experimenting with using a brush for agitation and find that I seem to have less density increase around the edges with this method. I am going to post a related question about this subject because uneven development seems to be a big hurdle to get over when processing the bigger sheet film. I had lots of problems with it when using PMK pyro but far less with ABC.