I struggled with the same question. I ended up with the poly sleeves with the "fold-over" tab made by Pro Line. I use the "unperforated" roll, which I cut into 6 1/8" lengths. I cut my negatives into strips of 2 (5 per 120 roll). Although not as handy for printing bunches of negatives, it works quite well when working with one image. I don't proof "pages", but instead print 4x5 "proofs". I don't spend any time fiddling with exposure as I always do them the same. Enlarger height to just cover a 4x5 sheet of paper, f16 & 8 seconds works for me. Doing them the same also lets me see if a negative is grossly over or under exposed. I write a date code and frame number on each of these prints, and keep them in a file. If a family member wants one, I have taught them that they only need to write the number down *Never* taking one of my proofs. Which in itself isn't a big deal, but if I make them think it is then I never have to sort back thru the negatives to see which one someone took. Having the date code written on the border sort of helps to deter them also.

Reading back thru this makes me wonder if I am having a hangup with quote signs today.