I have had an 11x14+ project in my closet for a couple of years. I have to admit that I will not have the time nor proper workshop to build myself an ULF camera in the foreseeable future. Unfortunately even my 4x5” does not see enough use these days. So, I want to sell the ULF items I've acquired. Here's a brief description of what I have.

Two boxes of Bergger BPF 200 11x14” film (2007/07). One box is opened and it should have 24 sheets left. The other is unopened.

Three barrel lenses:
305mm f9 Agfa-Geavaert Super-integron.

480mm f9 APO-Nikkor with ring.

60cm f11 lens of unknown make, compatible with the mounting ring of the Nikkor lens and similar in size and make. Heavier than the Nikkor.

Then I have huge bellows. I bought it for 11x14 camera but I believe it could be used for even bigger formats. They fold very nicely flat, to about 50mm (2”) in thickness. I have no idea about the origins of these bellows nor the material they were made from.

The bellows are approximately 610 x 500mm overall. (24 x 19 5/8”)
They have about 1000mm of draw. (39”)
The opening in the back end is roughly 540x420mm when measured conservatively. (21 1/4 x 16 1/2”)
The front is 270x290mm. (10 1/2 x 11 3/8”)
The bellows can flex for front standard movement of roughly 350-450mm (14-18”).

But... I checked the bellows with a flashlight and boy they have a lot of tiny pinholes. Should I just discard them? I have no idea how easy it is to repair bellows properly.

Where should I sell them? I am practically new to APUG but I have some reputation at ebay.
I have no idea about the coverage of the lenses. Can you help?
Are the bellows junk that I should throw to the trash bin?

I appreciate your help. I really want to get rid of this stuff as it is just occupying space in my closet. I'll post a link to some photos later.