Printed 25 today for my first postcard exchange on Ilford MGIV RC Portfolio postcard! 20 for the exchange plus Sean, Brad, Simon and Sue at Ilford as well plus one for myself to see how it survives a short trip through the post.

I thought we were supposed to wait until tomorrow before posting them in case of address problems? I suppose we can always print and send more if there are errors.

I have some mailing labels so perhaps I'll see if I can get my printer to spit them out before I give up in frustration. My penmanship is not the neatest but I will do my best if it comes down to that...

I think I'll go for the max next time as it is fun. I don't usually print this small (5x7 is usually my smallest) and I never print in quantity like this so it is good practice. Usually I just print make prints until I get it right while this time I had to make an exposure test print, 3 working prints and then try to make 25 ones that are the same. There are variations of course... I considered going easy on myself and printing one which can be printed straight but I opted instead for one that I had to dodge and burn, again good practice though I got a bit mechanical and linear at one point, must remember to keep my motions circular even when doing the same motions for 25 prints in a row.