I can't understand it either. Doesn't Foma cooperate with Fuji? If Fuji coats its slide film on a clear base, why can't Foma? Don't tell me this bloody planet is too large for the base material to be shipped to them from wherever Fuji gets it from. For me, Fomapan R is Foma's best product -- actually, it's the only Foma product I currently use, along with the reversal developing kit. No-one else offers anything like it. Come on Foma, you ought to carry on making a B&W slide film. It's not as if an E-6 B&W film is taking your sales away (what happened to Kodachrome), so you have no excuse for not making every effort to bring Fomapan R back; you've done it with Fomapan 200. With Fomapan R, I'll probably lose an entire medium of expression. There's nothing else left: DR5 doesn't make sense for people in Europe, and I don't think I'm quite ready to experiment with home-brew recipes, although I may be forced to reluctantly do just that.