Firstly, stop comparing meters. It's good to know that they're in the same ball park - but unless you intend to use two meters (why?) they will tend to give slightly different results. Not because either is wrong, just because they're unlikely to be perfectly matched and absolutely accurate. Stick with one meter and your metering regime will become more consistent.

Second, stop comparing digital exposures to analogue exposures, they aren't the same animal.

Think of it this way : With (negative type) films you should err towards overexposure because a little too much film density is easier to print than no density : With digital (and transparency film) you should err towards underexposure, because overexposure in digital means unmanageable highlights.

The dynamic of 'a good exposure', then, depends on what film material/sensor you're using. Thus, if you use a digital camera to assess the exposures for B&W film, you run the risk of losing valuable information in the shadow details of the film.