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In aperture priority it does not allow you to set exactly 5.6...it also gives the 0.0f as well. I can set it to f/5.6 but it reads f/5.6 + x/10. I would have thought that it would show the the over or under by increasing/decreasing the shuuter speed???
I guess that is just one of the peculiarities of this meter...

This is a guess ...

It may be that this approach to aperture priority is a reflection of the fact that many cameras don't permit you to set intermediate shutter speeds, but do permit you to set intermediate apertures.

So if you ask the meter to give you a useful reading near as possible to f/5.6, it may be recommending:
1) a shutter speed easily set on most cameras, plus
2) the necessary less-than-one stop adjustment to your preferred aperture.

Hope this helps.