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Matt, I think you may be right. I can certainly use the new meter and I really like it so far. I was just curious if I was missing something. I read and re-read the manual and it made no mention of how to change the "A" priority choices.
thanks for the information.

I've now read the manual too

It appears that the applicable section is:

3.2.5 Aperture priority mode
· Select f with the function buttons
· Set the desired aperture with the value buttons. The intermediate
1/10 stop values stored from the last measurement appear when
the aperture is preset. These are not valid, because the valid and
actual 1/10th stops will only appear after the next meter reading is
· Measure by pressing the meas. button M
· The measured shutter speed appears in the right-hand digital display
Automatic adaptation of the aperture in 1/10 stops to the measured shutter speed
· Select other paired aperture/shutter values with the value buttons.

I think that the portion I've highlighted above is the one that deals with this.

I wonder if this is clearer in the German version of the manual (here is the link: http://www.gossen-photo.de/pdf/ba_digipro_d.pdf)

Have fun with your meter!