Actually I intend to buy much less, 2 rolls 100 feet (30.5 meters) of each for the beginning :-)

The official price from one dealer is 1.11 Euro per meter incl. our hefty 19% VAT but I guess a mass discount will be possible when purchasing such an amount.

I hope I convert that correctly:

1000 feet = 304.8 meter

304.8 meter * 1.11 Euro per meter = 338.32 Euros

338.32 Euros = $459.59

Without the german 19% VAT that is ca. $368. The 100 ASA version UN54 costs ca. 15% less.

In the Kodak catalogue 1000' of XX cost $351.92, so I guess all these movie films are approximately at the same price level. Shipping costs and taxes make a difference.