AndrewK - Jorja, Thank for including me in this shot Andrew, inspiring shot with a nice combination of blends. Look great on the glossy paper

Wyno - Lyndsey: Nicely lit and classic pose. Almost abstract in a way without the eye contact

munz6869 - Not the tourist bit - That obvious, there's no people.. Great collection of geometric shapes which form a complete picture

Kevin Caulfield - Funny Face: Any shoot of your kids sitting still is a winner. Its a beautiful print in terms of tonal range a print quality

Nige - Companions: It nice to have somebody to sit next to, but the space beyond them still suggests a loneliness.

Fleath - Both great images, I like handmade print that show the hand of the maker.

Chris Neilsen - Railway: Choice image Bro. Lik the lit it the top of the image eh. Sweeet The tracks seem to go on as long as my mother in law..

Hoffy - All The Boys And Girls Have Gone To Bed:What and the kid don't wake up screaming....

Tomalophicon - First up I like the paper. Showing a typical weekend for a lot of Aussies, got a lovely depth to it too.

Seabid - Trees: Not feeling ripped at all, the light trees are in stark contrast to the surrounding bush, then the winding track add a whole different dimension on that side allow the eyes to look behind

Unknown - Untitled Postcard of stone passageway: Liking to natural light bouncing off the walls all the way done the hall, toning works really well.

Thanks to all