I would say the 35-105mm is a good zoom range to own, whether you like that particular lens or not. It gives you that ability to NOT change the lens out and that's proven quite nice for me lately.

You'll want the 50mm just 'cuase, and a good fast wide angle is a must! (by that I mean keep one of the 28mm lenses, and if you want to find a faster one later so be it, but for now you've got one).

Ditch the 100mm, unless you absolutely adore it. It's almost a useless magnification IMO. Also the 60-120 is useless as well. You'll want a zoom up to around 200mm for any decent zoom work.

I, personally, have a 70-200mm f/4.5 that I use for all my outdoors zooming action when I want something close-up. It's not really the best, and it's slow at times, but it's what I have so I use it. I wish I had a faster one, and maybe one that's a bit sharper. Although, I don't use filters so maybe they would help a bit.

Overall I suppose it boils down to what you want, but I would say of that kit you would want:
50mm prime (just because)
28mm prime (just in case)
wide-to-moderate zoom (i.e. 35-100 range, anything like that) for maximum efficiency
Some zoom for distant objects or landscapes, etc (200mm or so?)

My unprofessional, amateur, uneducated opinion