Hello, all of the posted methods will work fine once you get used to it. The method that I found the greatest success with for 4x5 film was to use several of the Combi Plan tanks lined up like a deep tank line. These tanks are fantastic for 4x5 film. I never had problems with uneven development. I felt that when processing more than a couple of 4x5s in a tray was difficult because I couldn't keep them all together(they're too small). The Combi Plan system keeps each sheet of film separate, nothing toaches except for the edges. But I did not like using these tanks as a daylight system. For me it just made a lot more since to use them lined up like deep tanks. If you only have one Combi Plan tank then just dump it with the top off and pour the next chemical in without trying to use the little funnels and stuff. When you get to the wash bath just fit a house over the lower outlet that comes with the tank and you have a great film washer built in.