I wanted to share my experiences buying new bellows for my Wista 45D on eBay. I knew that bellows were available from Wista's importer, but I really needed to keep costs down, so I found it from a seller on eBay and decided to take a chance on them.

I just got the bellows today, it took a week to arrive. When I opened the package I was surprised to find that there was a label on the inner package indicating that they were from Shen Hao. The quality was fantastic, much heavier material than what was on the camera, a very nice rubberized fabric. The fit was also perfect.

I did have to remove the metal plates from the ends of the existing bellows, I then used contact cement to glue the bellows to the plates for mounting on the camera. I wanted to pass this along since I didn't find as much information as I had hoped when I researched this myself.

The seller I bought the bellows from is tssy2005 - here is the item: http://cgi.ebay.com/Wista-4x5-Bellow...ht_2164wt_1141

Just to make clear, my only connection is as a satisfied customer.