I have a couple of enlarging lenses for sale that i dont use, i prefer to use the
same brand for all my printing and therefore have a 50/100/135/150 set of
Componon-S' that i use.

First is a Schneider 50mm 2.8 Componon-S with the click lever (later model),
it is in fair-good condition cosmetically and in excellent condition optically.
Its been used and it looks it, but not beat up or abused.

Asking 60$ Shipped & Paypalled OBO.

Second is a 105mm 5.6 El-Nikkor with illuminated aperture stops. This lens is in good condition
cosmetically and excellent condition optically. The rear threads show some use but thats about it.
Perfect for someone wanting to print medium format, i used this lens for my past 2 projects until i
found a 100/5.6 Componon-S at a reasonable price.

Asking $90 Shipped & Paypalled OBO

Third up is an El-Nikkor 150mm 5.6. It does not have illuminated aperture stops but the lens is
in excellent condition, cosmetically and optically. It has a circular aperture and is a true beauty.
I hate to get rid of it but a 135, and 2 150's is too much when my primary printing is off 6x7.

Asking $135 Shipped & Paypalled OBO

Fourth and finally is a Leica Leitz 40mm 2.8 Focotar lens standard on the Focomat V35 Enlargers.
This lens is in good condition cosmetically and the glass is pristine with that beautiful aperture.

Asking $150 Shipped & Paypalled OBO

I also have 1 39mm Retaining ring available to the first person who buys one of the lenses and wants
the ring free of charge.

Please PM me or email at r t k a u f f @ y a h o o . c o m

Thank you,