Dear Simon,

First, thank you so much for your insight.

Then, I hope I'm not asking you too much as this question indeed is very difficult, but can you give any, even a completely personal opinion on this;

If it ever happened in the future that Kodak and Fuji would have to cease the production of color film -- while I personally find that unimaginable in the near future, it still has been speculated here --, would Ilford / HARMAN consider or evaluate the possibility of producing some kind of color film -- even if it couldn't be as modern as the current Fuji and Kodak products? I'm not asking if it would be made, but more likely, if it would be even considered or discussed. Do you find that possible?

Finally, for all participants, I want to say that because the involvement of Ilford in these discussions is extraordinary, it may even set our expectations almost too high . Most of the companies in any field never do this kind of service, so let's not give a minus to Kodak or Fuji for that, let's just give a plus to Ilford.