There are very few in the WCC actively using film - I was the only regular exhibitor of analogue prints at their competitions and the only user of the shared darkroom in three years - but there are plenty of old-timers who still know how it all works despite since moving to digital and who can get you started. You can just rock up on a Wednesday night, introduce yourself as a visitor and check it all out. There is/was a Film SIG (special interest group; in parallel with the portrait/birding/sporting/nature/etc groups) and about 5 others joined it but I could never get them to participate in anything despite having a regular crowd on the club outings that wanted to look at my RZ67. One guy bought an RB67 while I was there, so he might be doing a little more, I don't know.

If you do go, tell Tom, Frank & AA (the birders) I said hello!

They were considering moving to new clubrooms, which would mean the loss of their shared darkroom. That would kind of suck for the club (many of the members would disagree though), but it means that the equipment would be available for sale for a song.

I actually got an as-new LPL C7700 from eBay in Perth, local pick-up, $60 including two awesome lenses - so the deals are out there. I suspect that CES (Stirling St, Northbridge) would have a bunch of spare enlargers floating about in their second-hand shed. Much of their second-hand stock is not displayed or even indexed, but if you go in and ask for their second-hand film-gear person (he's about 70, forgot his name sorry), he knows what there is and he's very helpful. I suspect that they'd be very glad to shift an old enlarger for a good price as they're getting hard to give away. 35mm-only enlargers are practically toxic/free, so make sure you get something that can do medium format too and then you will be able to either move up a size and/or sell the enlarger in future.