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The Tamrac Expedition 8 is almost like a real backpack that happens to hold camera gear. It has a hip belt and even adjustable "spleen" pads for your back. It is very comfortable to wear, and since you are reallyy not carrying the weight on your shoulders, but on your hips & through your legs (just like a true backpack), you can walk pretty much all day with the thing!
Here's a link: http://www.tamrac.com/welcome2.htm
I had no problem carrying 3 cameras, 4 lenses, 2 film backs, film, filters and assorted "stuff". It's got a place either in the back for a tripod, or on the side.
Check out the website! Hope this helps!!
Thanks Jeanette. I have visited their website. it is very informative. what I was looking after was a users review. Some of my shoting budies are using the Lowe Pro pro- or supertrekker. It is really BIIG, maybe a bit on the "to large" side.
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