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Like many here I have way too much equipment. I don't use anything other then large format any longer. My Bronica system sits gathering dust as does my medium format enlarger. My 35 mm hasn't seen daylight in years. I sold my 12X20 since it was not my thing.

My suggestion is choose one format and become absolutely familiar with it. When it no longer says what you want to say then get rid of it and use what will say what you want to say.

My experience with all of the excess camera stuff started out as a learning process, tranformed into an ego thing, and ultimately became a burden. Perhaps your experience will differ.
I think you are partly right in the way that one should perhaps at least on trips restrict the choice of equipment. on my last trips I used 35mm and MF and on one both B&W and Color slides. Can one get more confused than by doing that. But whats is the best way to say what you want isn't always up to you. My photoclub don't have a MF slideprojector so I have to do the slides for that in 35mm
OH BTW the slide from my Zenzei came out great. A little thin but I was shooting into the sun and wanted details in shadows so thats to expect.
Regards Søren