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Sure is but at a much better price than dealing through Agfa, I think Tura can do that because of the volumes it works with.

Tura can sell Agfa paper cheaper than Agfa because they want to--- and because in some cases have to in order to make a sale. Agfa does not even really want to bother cutting paper into individual sheets but only rolls. Agfa RA-4 paper, for instance, is no longer available from Agfa/Agfa Photo as sheets but only standardised rolls. Tura sell boxed Agfa, Fuji and Mitsubishi papers in sheets and rolls. Margins on film and paper are very good so there is a lot of room, especially in cut-down material, to make a profit.

The market is, however, rapidly changing. Fomer "eastern block" players like Foma and Forte are now within the borders of the European Union. Total demand for film has been declining and the market and formats for photographic papers is in transition. Through the weak U.S. dollar and Kodak's global homogenization of pricing, their papers too have become attractive on the German market.

Agfa C-41 negative material is private label boxes is now under the 1 EURO mark in the drugstore (e.g. DM Paradise KB-135/36 is, I think, 0.95 EURO in single packages and much cheaper in the larger boxes).