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Dear Carey,

Sorry to hear of your relationship 'issues' I fear our relationship with a 'thin base' ortho / litho will never make it past first date.....the reason would be the specialised base committment, you would have to buy many years of base stock up front....sorry.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :
Dear Simon,

My relationship 'issues' are in the past and I'm committed to Ilford for the foreseeable future :-).

As regards a 'thin base' ortho/litho film: I can only say that I feared that would be your response.... Bugger! (But no harm in asking - and just in case you haven't discussed it with that "Freestyle" mob in the colonies...)

Still. Best wishes wishes for the future. Keep churning out that FP4+ that I like so much.


Carey Bird