It seems like you could have those thumbnails and a larger image keyed in manually with some DHTML. The question is then, does the ipad and iphone run this kind of code? I don't have one myself, but my last HTML project had some similar image swapping going on.

Looking at the portraits page, you would just need a table with the thumbnails in them, the code that says "display this image in the big image frame" when you click on it, right?

You can get more complex if you like. I've dabbled in a hand-made shadow box using layers as well.

EDIT: I've done some coding for an academic page or two for my mother. She uses Dreamweaver, but had some problems with opening the pages with the scripts in them in Dreamweaver. It would hose the code when you resaved it (one thing I hate about WYSIWYG editors -- they think they know better than you and this is rarely the case!) so you would have to design the page first then add the code via notepad later. I tend to just use Photoshop and Notepad to design webpages these days.