I use WordPerfect and the mail merge function.

I import the semi-colon delimited address data into WordPerfect and then use search and replace to replace the semi-colons and line breaks with the appropriate merge codes. I then add a salutation field. This gives me a data file.

Next, I prepare a template formatted for the labels that includes merge codes for the salutation, my descriptive information and the merge codes for the names and addresses. The first time I did this, it required a lot of tweaking to get the labels and printer to work well together. Since then I just re-use previous templates by updating the description - works like a charm!

Finally, I merge the template with the data file, tweak it to deal with spacing issues that arise because of those amazingly long addresses from places like the UK, and then print away.

The first time I did this it took a lot of time and fiddling. Now it goes really quickly.

Here from postcard exchange 20 are some pdf representations of the files - a label template and a portion of the data template (showing addresses that are already "public").

I put these on to Avery 5160 laser labels.