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I am perhaps the only one taking issue with it. But the problem belongs to all of those who believe PE's explanation of colour.
They are being lead into something worse than ignorance: false knowledge.
As I said earlier, PE was explaining one method by which colors are employed to allow our brains to create the perception of other colors from them. He never said his explanation was comprehensive of all ways of seeing color.

Get rid of that red herring about perception and reality.
Why? It is about perceiving a color, which only a sensation. You allow that that Magenta is non-spectral; no single wavelength will cause us to perceive it. Our minds create it from Red and Blue. It is only a sensation. There is no Magenta wavelength, so it is not a natural color. So what's the problem with saying that other colors can be formed (in our heads) from combining colors?
BTW, are you sure that herring's red? You might just be perceiving it that way.

Whether you call it colour, energy or frequency is irrelevant. Irrelevant, because it doesn't change anything about the error that is trying to explain everything about colour using an additive or subtractive tri-colour model.
That's what you have missed.
Get this, Q.G. Nobody has tried to explain everything about color using an additive or subtractive tri-color model.
That is what you have missed.

But have you noticed that multi-layer colour materials were pressed into service to explain something that has nothing to do with multi-layer colour materials?
Exactly where?

And that's why you always get involved in this sort of thing.
Actually, I usually don't.