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Civility is underrated. And noticably absent from on-line forums. That's because we're raised (well, most of us are, at least) to be polite when talking to someone face-to-face (which is probably strongly reinforced in some of us the first time someone hits you for dissing them...). But in a 'virtual' conversation, there is no immediate feedback and it is much easier to ignore or shrug off a 'virtual' scolding than it is with an in-person scolding.

It's the same reason many of us won't hesitate to cut in line on the highway whereas we would never do it in person. It's much easier to ignore the horn sounding than it is to ignore someone screaming at you in front of a hundred other people, some of which are equally impacted by your rudeness.

And with that, perhaps it's time to close this thread. I've received too many reported post e-mails.