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%\LabelGridtrue % uncomment to show label boundaries

\LabelCols=3% Number of columns of labels per page
\LabelRows=10% Number of rows of labels per page
\LeftPageMargin=.1875in%7mm% These four parameters give the
\RightPageMargin=0.15625in%7mm% page gutter sizes. The outer edges of
\TopPageMargin=.5in%15mm% the outer labels are the specified
\BottomPageMargin=.5in%15mm% distances from the edge of the paper.
\InterLabelColumn=.125in%2mm% Gap between columns of labels
\InterLabelRow=0mm% Gap between rows of labels
\LeftLabelBorder=.125in%$5mm% These four parameters give the extra
\RightLabelBorder=.125in%5mm% space used around the text on each
\TopLabelBorder=.125in%5mm% actual label.

\small \sf


The address file is just a plain text file with address separated by blank lines.

person 1
address 1
address 1

person 2