I installed a Thomas safelight in my darkroom about a year and a half ago and can't live without it. I've never had any problems with paper fogging with graded or VC paper. I use mainly FB paper. I also leave it fairly open and my darkroom is about 12X18 feet, and not entirely light tight. The problem I seem to have now is the thing is making noise as though the ballast is going bad. Has anyone had any experience with noisy safelights or bad ballast? If it is a sign of the bulb going, I'm curios about other folks experience with alternative sources for bulbs. The Thomas safelight was manufactured here in Charlottesville Virginia, and the word is that the Thomas family is no longer in the business of making or selling replacement parts. For those who love their safelights, I would suggest picking up a back up or at least stocking up on a spare bulb as they will not always be around.